Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different divisions and ages for each?

We follow the Little League International (LLI) age guidelines. Our ages and divisions are listed below.

When should I expect the season to start and end?

Holly Little League's Opening Day is scheduled for April 22, 2023. All divisions playing in Quad-Town will begin the week of April 24th. The season typically lasts until the beginning of June. This is followed by a playoff tournament that lasts until mid-late June.

The exception is our Junior/Senior division which may not start until after the High School Season ends, to comply with MHSAA rules and regulations. Further information regarding this will be forthcoming.

When should I expect practices to start?

Depending on our Michigan weather, practices may start in late March to early April. Usually the older kids start earlier than the younger divisions, but this is left up to the individual coaches to decide.

What is the practice schedule?

Coaches will determine the practice schedule that works best for them. Coaches will announce their practice schedule once teams are formed.

What days are the games played on?
The Master schedule for all divisions is usually created mid-way through the registration period and once we have enough registered players to determine how many teams we will have per division. 

Do you do a background check on volunteers in your program?
Yes, all managers, coaches, assistant coaches, and volunteers that may have any interaction with the players must complete a background check.

Are scholarships available?
Grants are available through the T-Mobile Call-Up Grant Program.  More information can be found in the Registration Tab of this site or by visiting

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